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CEO DATELINE – Associations weigh in on ICE raids

July 18, 2019
By Walt Williams

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At least two associations have condemned proposed raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents while groups representing the food service industry are alerting restaurant employees about their rights should they be targeted.

ICE officials are planning raids in at least 10 cities targeting immigrants who have been given orders of removal. The raids reportedly kicked off Saturday, although immigration advocates say most raids have so far failed to materialize and dispute President Donald Trump’s claim that the law enforcement action has been “very successful,” CNN reported.

At least three hotel chains—Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt—have refused to allow ICE agents to use their properties as temporary detention centers. That decision won praise from the American Historical Association, which noted it has held its annual meeting at hotels belonging to all three companies.

“The AHA is the largest association of professional historians in the world. It is chartered by the United States Congress to promote the study of history in the United States. To advance this goal, the association has agreed on shared standards, among them a commitment to mutual respect, reasoned discourse, and appreciation for humanity in its full variety,” AHA Executive Director James Grossman wrote in letters to all three hotel chains. “We believe that the ICE raids and the accompanying rhetoric violate those standards.”

The American Anthropological Association denounced the raids in a July 13 statement, calling them “misdirected, ill-informed, disproportionate, and unlikely to succeed, flying in the face of the administration’s own immigration authorities’ enforcement advice.”

The National Restaurant Association hasn’t taken a position on the ICE raids but the restaurant industry is worried about the potential fallout on its workforce, the Washington Post reported July 12. State restaurant associations and NRA’s legal arm the Restaurant Law Center have provided information to employers and employees about their rights should they be targeted.