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CEO DATELINE – Report: Netflix, Amazon in talks to join MPAA

Jan. 22, 2019
By Walt Williams

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Netflix and Amazon may soon become members of the Motion Picture Association of America, joining an organization that had previously only admitted major movie studios.

The online streaming service Netflix is currently in talks with MPAA about joining the association, CNBC reported Tuesday. Amazon also is considering joining MPAA, with the online retailer running its own streaming service.

MPAA has only six members, all major studios. However, that number will soon shrink to five after Disney finishes its acquisition of Fox, which is expected to close later this year. Both studios are currently MPAA members and the association has been looking for new members to fill the hole left after the companies merge, according to CNBC.

MPAA was founded in 1922 and is perhaps best known for creating the rating system used for educating audiences about the content in movies. Both Netflix and Amazon produce their own movies and television shows, and the two companies have worked with the association in the past on anti-piracy efforts. The association also has been a vocal advocate for tax breaks for TV and movie productions in the U.S.