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CEO DATELINE — Realtors group announces restructuring, pending staff changes

Dec. 12, 2018
By William Ehart

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The $238 million-revenue National Association of Realtors announced Tuesday a strategic restructuring to “better align NAR with the current environment in (Washington, D.C.), enhance member experience and position NAR as leading voice in real estate technology innovation.”

The release divulged few details—another release is expected this afternoon—but NAR said the move involves staffing changes in the advocacy, marketing communications, member experience and technology groups. NAR said it would be hiring at least one new executive, a vice president of strategy and innovation, early next year.

On advocacy, new Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Shannon McGahn, who took her post in October, cited a “new, streamlined approach (that) provides more flexibility to work with outside firms as we develop public policy campaigns on issues identified in our federal issue survey.

“Using well-connected, outside experts in these areas deepens our bench and amplifies our voice in Congress while giving our internal team more flexibility and time to focus on relationships across the executive and legislative branches of government,” she said.

The changes come on the heels of a major defeat on tax policy in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which reduced deductions for property taxes and mortgage interest.

NAR CEO Bob Goldberg said the restructuring will help the group “achieve more for our members and succeed in a period of upheaval and generational changes.”

“These changes represent the next phase in our ongoing efforts to advance the real estate business and industry and put members’ interests first, from representing Realtors and property owners in Washington to driving development of new technology in Silicon Valley,” he said.

NAR said marketing and communications had previously been combined into one group, and that marketing and communications officer Victoria Gillespie, who also joined NAR in October, now has developed four new teams including a digital strategy group.

The association said it created a strategic business, innovation and technology group earlier this year, which will replace its Center for Realtor Technology, and within that group it is forming an emerging technology team. The new group will be led by the vice president NAR expects to hire early next year.