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The best ways to communicate value are success stories, targeted messages at audiences

Associations seeking to win over members need to make messages relevant to audience

June 7, 2019
By Walt Williams

Communicating an association’s value proposition to existing and prospective members used to be a fairly straightforward affair, but for Dan Varroney, times have changed.

“When I started my own association career back in the early ’80s, value proposition was a statement that could be an elevator speech that said this is who we were and the value we delivered in 30 seconds,” said Varroney, CEO of Potomac Core Consulting. “Now it’s not quite that simple because the nature and the speed of change is happening too quickly.”

CEO Update spoke with association consultants about crafting a successful strategy for communicating the value organizations bring to members. Among the recommendations: Find and tell stories about how your group helped individual members; tailor your message to the targeted audience as much as possible; and show that you can provide the data and solutions to problems that businesses and professionals need for success.