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Groups with headquarters in Texas find rich talent pool, room to grow

Dozens of national, international associations based in Dallas-Fort Worth area

ACEP headquartersShort move to new HQ: The American College of Emergency Physicians built new headquarters in 2016 in Irving, Texas, just a few miles from its old building.
Photo: ACEP

July 27, 2018
By Lori Sharn

When Pam Donahoo was being recruited last year for a CEO role, the board of directors of her soon-to-be new group had already made a major decision: The association’s headquarters in southern California would relocate to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

The move made a lot of sense for USFN—America’s Mortgage Banking Attorneys, Donahoo said.

The DFW region is “not only more cost-effective and in the central part of the country, it’s a significant hub for our industry,” she said.