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Nailing the Interview

By Tavia Evans-Gilchrist

October 26, 2007

A job candidate’s interview performance – from the first glance at the resume down to the thank-you note sent post-interview – is essential to win over a search committee. 

Career coaches agree that a winning candidate is able to deliver a polished and convincing presentation of themselves and their experience at every juncture in the interviewing process. That includes so-called “casual” meetings with management or even invitations to dinner by a search committee. 

But very often, recruiters say, candidates don’t realize when the interviewing process has started. In reality, your resume is a recruiter’s initial introduction to a candidate. And it’s the first step to nailing the interview – clearing the recruiter’s hurdle. Many times candidates make a poor showing on paper by not tailoring their resumes to the specific position they are applying for.