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Strong meat industry relationships help Potts with challenges

As CEO of the North American Meat Institute, Julie Anna Potts tackles issues from food safety to animal welfare and consumer demands 


July 12, 2019
By Martin Berman-Gorvine

For Julie Anna Potts, becoming CEO of the North American Meat Institute was a natural progression in a career that has always centered on agriculture. Even her family draws her close to this world—her husband grew up on a farm in Louisiana, and she said she is “two generations off the farm” in her native Alabama.

Potts joined NAMI in September from the American Farm Bureau Federation, where she was executive vice president and treasurer. She is also a former chief counsel to the Senate Agriculture Committee. Potts said she found a close-knit world in the relatively small meat industry. NAMI represents companies that process 95 percent of red meat and 70 percent of turkey products in the United States, and also represents suppliers to these companies.