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For U.S. Chamber of Commerce, evolution is essential

One of the nation’s largest business groups is heading into the future with emphasis on diversity and renewed focus on values


July 27, 2018
By Walt Williams

More than a century after its founding, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is sailing into uncharted waters in more ways than one.

The 106-year-old group, along with much of the association community, is grappling with how best to remain relevant in a changing economy and world. The political heavyweight is also heading into the midterm elections without the guidance of former top lobbyist Bruce Josten, who retired at the end of 2016.

One of the biggest changes the Chamber made in the wake of Josten’s departure was the promotion of Suzanne Clark to senior executive vice president, making her second-in-command to longtime CEO Tom Donohue. In this position, she leads the group’s advocacy efforts and oversees many of its operational initiatives. In an interview with CEO Update, Clark described an organization well aware of the need to evolve.