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Urge to merge: Lots of reasons, few incentives for associations to unite

Groups can boost voices by speaking as one, but internal politics favor the status quo in many situtations. “If (the decisions) were rational and strategic only, there would be a lot more mergers,” said Rick Goldstein, president of Kensington Consulting Group. “There are many examples where it makes good sense for associations to merge but the parties decide not to.”

Steer your career with a personal strategic plan

Association executives need to know what they want and think strategically about their careers, just as they do with planning for their own organizations. "Having really good alignment between your interests and your skill sets and your objectives is really important," said Jennifer Fordham, SVP of government affairs at the Natural Gas Supply Association. “You need to not only have a goal, but take time every day to take steps toward that goal.”


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