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CEO pay up more than 40% since 2009

Median association CEO compensation is nearly 40% higher than it was during the Great Recession, according to a new CEO Update analysis of full-year compensation for the CEOs of 329 large associations that were included in both our 2019 and 2011 reports. Median base and bonus pay among those associations is more than $594,000 according to the latest tax filings. Compensation more than doubled for one in seven CEOs during the period analyzed.

Top-paid CEOs at tax-exempt organizations

The chart below lists the highest-paid CEOs at tax-exempt organizations tracked by CEO Update, including CEOs for unions, sporting associations and public interest groups that fall outside the parameters of this issue’s salary report, which focuses on trade groups and professional societies.

Pay ranges for CEOs at $12M+ groups

In this preview of CEO Update's annual look at compenstation at top groups, executives seeking to understand how their pay ranks with peers should look at a range known as the middle 50 percent.


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