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More than a subscription: CEO Update is a community, a membership

CEO Update has expanded. We’ve introduced a compensation study, a financial and salary database and a series of networking events. hosts hundreds of how-to and best practices articles on topics like employment contracts and what recruiters look for in a pitch.  We continue to be the comprehensive source for executive-level and CEO vacancies in associations and nonprofits as well as provide tailored editorial content, but today, we’re more than just a subscription.  CEO Update is now a membership.

Be a smarter association exec

Which associations are winning the advocacy game and why?  How are CEOs recruiting and building a successful team? These are some questions answered by CEO Update’s award-winning editorial content.  CEO Update gives you the tools to be a better association professional, including shared best practices, peer interviews, career management advice, connect-the-dots analysis of organizational trends and a tight focus on the professional trajectory of association people.

Comprehensive career intelligence

The CEO Update research team uncovers and reports on more senior-level and CEO job openings in associations and nonprofits than any other source, including those sought-after, top-notch vacancies handled by executive recruiters.  Whether you’re in an active job search or not, members know when the perfect opportunity comes up, CEO Update will publish the details.

The latest compensation data

CEO Update is the only resource revealing the latest salary data on thousands of CEOs and staffers so you can benchmark your own compensation, and with our database Association Intelligence, members can search for the very latest compensation and financial information from associations and nonprofits.

Networking events

CEO Update members are invited to exclusive association executive-only networking events to discuss the latest trends in career development, advocacy, leadership and compensation with leading experts in the field.

CEO Update makes you a more connected and informed association executive.