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CEO DATELINE – AGU headquarters receives clean energy award

April 19, 2019
By Walt Williams

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The American Geophysical Union’s renovated headquarters in Washington, D.C., has received the first Clean Energy DC Award from the district’s Department of Energy and Environment, the association announced Thursday.

The award was presented at the District’s Sustainability Awards Ceremony on April 17. AGU is redesigning its office building at 2000 Florida Ave. NW to be the district’s first “net zero” energy building, meaning it will produce as much energy as it consumes during the year. The structure, still under renovation, incorporates design elements such as solar panels, a heating system that recovers thermal heat from municipal sewers, and a “green wall” of plants to filter indoor air.

“AGU has appreciated our partnership with the district and its agencies to explore strategies to realize our net zero energy goals,” AGU CEO Chris McEntee said in a statement. “AGU aspires to lead and serve as an example to others in how to implement sustainable solutions and technologies in their own building or renovation projects, and this award demonstrates the impact our building has already had in the community.”

D.C. has given out sustainability awards since at least 2009, although AGU’s headquarters is the first project to receive a clean energy award. In the past, district officials have recognized businesses and organizations for taking steps to reduce their environmental footprints, such as by implementing recycling programs or buying food ingredients from local farmers.