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CEO DATELINE – Report: National Association of Manufactures targeted by Chinese hackers

Nov. 13, 2019
By Walt Williams

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The National Association of Manufacturers was recently targeted by hackers based out of China, although it is unclear what data the hackers managed to obtain, Reuters news agency reported Wednesday.

Two anonymous sources told Reuters that an internal computer network used by NAM was hacked over the summer. The trade group hired a cybersecurity firm to investigate the hack, and the firm concluded the tools and techniques used matched those employed by Chinese hacking groups.

NAM represents U.S. manufacturers and has been influential in shaping regulatory policy under the Trump administration. However, the news agency reported it was unknown what data the hackers obtained. An association spokeswoman told Reuters the network is now secure.

NAM is not the first business group to be hit by Chinese hackers. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was reportedly targeted in 2011, with employees at one point surprised to discover one of the printers in the group’s headquarters printing in Chinese.