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CEO DATELINE – Trucking association blasts TV show for negative portrayal of truckers

Nov. 30, 2020
By Walt Williams

The American Trucking Associations isn’t a fan of the ABC show Big Sky, recently calling the drama a “disgrace” for portraying “truck drivers as serial killers and truck stops as hubs of prostitution and human trafficking.”

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Big Sky is a crime drama set in Montana concerning a truck driver who kidnaps and traffics women. The series is based on the best-selling novel “The Highway” by author C.J. Box.

ATA gave the show a thumbs down in a recent blog post accompanied by the hashtag #BigSkyLies. The group said along with doctors, nurses and other first responders, truckers have played a critical role during the pandemic, in this case by keeping supply chains open.

“Many Americans are still unfamiliar with the trucking industry and the men and women who move our economy forward,” ATA said. “They pass trucks on the highway, but they don’t know the faces behind the wheel. Their understanding of truckers is limited to what they see in mass media. ‘Big Sky’ leaves an impression that is unflattering, untrue and unwarranted.”

The group noted that the trucking industry has fought human trafficking, launching the Truckers Against Trafficking program in 2007. ATA asked ABC to give the trucking industry free airtime to run advertisements “that fairly represent truckers and educate viewers about what the industry is doing to combat human trafficking.”

“Truckers are not serial killers—they are highway heroes,” the group said.