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CEO Update Events


The CEO Update LIVE event series brings leading experts together to explore topics of keen interest to association executives, from leadership issues to executive recruiting to compensation trends.

CEO Update LIVE: Executive Compensation
Recorded Nov. 3, 2021. Watch a rebroadcast of the event

Seemingly unaffected by the pandemic, executive compensation in associations has been seeing strong growth at the senior levels.

Driving compensation is a robust recruiting market—including a lot of CEO churn—which is creating a tight environment for leadership talent. Associations and nonprofits are also adding new programs and services and staffing up to meet the needs of members.

Join CEO Update on Wednesday, Nov. 3 as we explore the latest data and trends, how organizations should be considering compensation for staff, executives and the CEO in light of the new business paradigm, and how groups can continue to incentivize top performers. 


Charles Quatt, Quatt Associates
Leslie Hortum, Spencer Stuart


CEO Update LIVE: Meetings: Return to Relevance (and Revenue) 
Recorded August 26, 2021. Watch a rebroadcast of the event

Unprecedented pressure on meetings has forced associations to press pause, postpone and pivot until there is a return to some semblance of normalcy.  As we navigate an uneven recovery and still uncertain future, forward-thinking leaders are grappling with hard questions about their meetings, revenue and engagement and some are already pushing hard to innovate models that haven’t changed significantly in decades.

Join CEO Update and three top minds in meetings as we discuss the current landscape, innovation, investment and what’s on the line for their groups.


Deborah Bowen, American College of Healthcare Executives
Gary Shapiro, Consumer Technology Association
Matthew Shay, National Retail Association


CEO Update LIVE: Future-Proofing Your Association
Recorded June 29, 2021. Watch a rebroadcast of the event

Future-proofing is no longer a long-term experiment. It’s happening now and for many associations, it needs to happen quickly.

The pandemic forced associations of all stripes to find new ways to engage digitally and the most successful groups reconsidered nearly every facet of the organization. From how they recruit and manage teams, to meetings and reaching members where they are, the path forward continues to evolve as associations experiment and navigate new terrain.

Join CEO Update as we discuss the tools, technology and tactics associations are using to achieve success now and plan for their next chapter.


David Chavern, CEO, News Media Alliance
Abe Eshkenazi, CEO, Association for Supply Chain Management
Richard Yep, CEO, American Counseling Association

CEO Update LIVE: Associations and Advocacy
Recorded May 25, 2021. Watch a rebroadcast of the event

Join CEO Update on May 25th at 2pm (eastern time) as we explore the changing political landscape with leading association CEOs and lobbyists.

Four months into the Biden administration and Democratic-controlled Congress, advocacy strategies are still in flux for many associations. Tactics for most have evolved due to the pandemic and many groups are looking for new ways to be heard in a crowded marketplace of ideas.

At the next CEO Update LIVE, we’re talking to association veterans and advocacy experts about how associations can move forward in the new political environment. They’ll address approaches to gain traction with policymakers—some tried and true, others learned during the pandemic—and share effective advocacy strategies aimed at maintaining credibility in a time of extreme partisanship.


Suzanne Clark, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Susan Neely, American Council of Life Insurers
Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturers   


CEO Update LIVE: Expanding membership during the pandemic (and beyond)
Recorded March 9, 2021. Watch a rebrodcast of the event

Join CEO Update as we discuss the strategies and tools modern associations are using to supercharge member engagement.  


For some associations the pandemic was an opportunity to take a hard look at the value of membership and introduce new ways to support and engage members. Instead of shrinking in 2020, some associations expanded membership. 


Forward-thinking associations are creating digital hubs to plug members into the entire universe of benefits, including new methods of content delivery, enhanced online learning engines, elegant tools to connect members with one another and provide seamless access to virtual, hybrid and live events.  



Ann Battrell, CEO, American Dental Hygienists’ Association

Todd Hauptli, CEO, American Association of Airport Executives

Todd Thibodeaux, CEO, CompTIA

CEO Update LIVE: Executive Recruiting
Recorded February 18, 2021. Watch a rebroadcast of the event

Join CEO Update on February 18 at 2pm for a discussion with leading executive recruiters on the current state of the marketplace.

There is no doubt that the economy, environment, pandemic and politics are reshaping everything, including associations and the executives who lead them.

During this candid discussion, we will explore where associations are hiring and what kind of candidates are rising to the top. The panel will discuss how the demands on the c-suite are growing and how roles are evolving to address a rapidly changing environment. And given the pressure on revenue and compensation, we'll explore the tools and tactics being used for retention and recruiting.


Julian Ha, partner at Heidrick & Struggles
Lorraine Lavet, association sector leader for Korn Ferry
James Zaniello, president of Vetted Solutions

Previous Events

CEO Update LIVE: Compensation
Recorded November 17, 2020. 
Watch a rebroadcast of the event

Association compensation had been rising at all levels, fueled by a robust recruiting marketplace and a strong economy, but that came to a halt in March 2020. Quickly, many organizations froze salaries and eliminated bonuses and benefits as they hedged against rapidly changing revenue forecasts.

Now, 10 months into the pandemic, a clearer picture is emerging. Organizations are planning for the future and seeking to retain—and reward—talented staff and executives who have stepped up to provide real value during this crisis.

Rewatch the Nov. 17th broadcast, where we explore the latest pay data, how organizations should be re-evaluating compensation for staff, executives and CEOs in light of the new business paradigm, and how groups can continue to incentivize top performers.


CEO Update LIVE: Diversity In Association Hiring

Recorded August 19: Watch a rebroadcast of the event

As protests erupted across the country following the killing of George Floyd, hundreds of associations released statements promoting their commitment to racial equity, but what are the next steps for enduring change? While some groups are hiring diversity and inclusion officers and conducting board and staff trainings, the community has long struggled with a lack of diversity among its most senior ranks.

Rewatch the broascast when CEOs and executive recruiters discuss what’s needed to achieve more diverse leadership and how associations can ensure they are fostering an equitable hiring and advancement environment.    


Julian Ha, Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

Michelle Mason, CEO, Association Forum

Jim Zaniello, President, Vetted Solutions


CEO Update LIVE: Designing office space for a new era
Recorded June 30: Watch a rebroadcast of the event

After months of working from home and strained budgets, associations are taking a critical eye to their real estate needs. Even after restrictions lift, most groups say they won’t go back to business as usual and many are considering reduced footprints and reappointed spaces with staff safety and cost savings in mind. 

Rewatch the broadcast with thought leaders in real estate and office design as we discuss what spaces of the future will look like, how they will support a new era of work and how to transition your workspace.

Robert Ivy, CEO, American Institute of Architects
Lisa Washington, Executive Director, Design-Build Institute of America
Mindy Saffer, Managing Principal, Nonprofit Practice Group, Cresa

Gone Virtual: What We've Learned So Far
Recorded June 24: Watch a rebroadcast of the event

In the early days of the pandemic, some associations pivoted very quickly to transform live events to virtual and the lessons learned are already being applied. From finding the right tools and partners, to developing a program that gives attendees and exhibitors a rich, engaging experience—and return on their investment—transitioning a meeting from in-person to virtual is a challenge on many levels. But associations are getting smarter about it every day, as a growing number of groups are pulling off large-scale virtual events. 


Replay this conversation with veteran association CEOs about the do’s, don’ts and lessons learned in developing and executing online meetings.



Laura Lott, CEO, American Alliance of Museums

Tom Stenzel, CEO, United Fresh Produce Association

Bill Yanek, CEO, Connex


Member Engagement and Revenue Reinvented
Recorded May 28: Watch a rebroadcast of the event 

In the past few months, revenue streams and how associations serve members have been turned upside down. Groups have had to throw out old methods and find new ways to engage, refocus priorities and envision a future that looks very different than it did at the beginning of the year. 

In this new landscape, organizations are finding their footing, launching new initiatives and looking at revenue models with fresh eyes.  And those that will succeed are the ones that can imagine and plan for a world that doesn’t exist.


Matthew Chase, CEO, National Association of Counties
Linda Bauer Darr, CEO, American Council of Engineering Companies
Robert Voltmann, President & CEO, Transportation Intermediaries Association
Bob Weidner, President & CEO, Metals Service Center Institute  SPONSORED BY

The Return to the Office
Recorded May 13: Watch a rebroadcast of the event 

As states begin to lift stay-at-home orders, associations are carefully making plans to bring employees back to the office—and the volume of details can be overwhelming.  Groups are weighing staggered work schedules, how to handle common areas and HVAC systems, the legal ramifications of an office outbreak as well as a host of other considerations.  And many are pondering whether to bring some staff back at all and revising telework policies. 

In this webcast, we’ll discuss how associations should be planning for a return to the office and the associated health, safety, operational and employee engagement considerations.


Henry Chamberlain, CEO Building Owners and Managers Association International

Lorraine Martin, CEO, National Safety Council

Dr. Arthur Evans, CEO, American Psychological Association

The Evolution of Meetings
Recorded April 30: Watch a rebroadcast of the event

As groups develop new ways to connect with members and deliver content through virtual channels in the short term, industry leaders are turning their attention to 2021 and beyond.

Many associations are in the midst of recasting huge, complex events, taking a hard look at revenue models and forging new relationships with sponsors, exhibitors and members. And the lessons learned during this time of rapid change are altering the lens through which associations view the future, as they take a critical eye to the feasibility of in-person events, analyze potential landscapes and imagine a variety of scenarios.

In this discussion, we'll go beyond the current crisis and look at how overcoming today’s challenges will change the approach to events next year and beyond.

Barbara Lopez Kunz, CEO, Drug Information Association

Dennis Slater, CEO, Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Scott Solombrino, Executive Director, Global Business Travel Association

Adapt the workplace to thrive during telework
Recorded on Wednesday, April 2: Watch a rebroadcast of the event

In a matter of days, associations shifted to entirely remote operations. For many groups, this meant hundreds of staff suddenly working from home for the first time, along with a host of logistical, communication and management challenges. But associations are quickly finding new ways to manage staff effectively and boost morale, engagement and performance at the same time.

The discussion will focus on how this crisis can be an opportunity for every association to create more nimble, effective workplace that will help staff thrive in today’s fluid environment and support members and the mission well into the future.

Johnny Taylor, Society for Human Resource Management CEO
Pat Blake, Heart Rhythm Society CEO and ASAE Chair
Jamie Notter, Workplace Culture Expert