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Academic associations join forces in clash over civics lessons

Learn From History Coalition pools resources to fight against new and proposed state laws banning the teaching of ‘divisive concepts’


Oct. 8, 2021
By Walt Williams

The National Council for the Social Studies has spent recent years preaching the value of teaching social sciences and humanities in schools at a time when STEM fields have hogged the spotlight. Now social studies are front and center in the largest current controversy over education, and the group and others like it are scrambling to aid members caught in the middle.

NCSS is one of several academic associations and advocacy groups that last month formed the Learn From History Coalition to fight the proliferation of proposed state laws banning the teaching of “divisive concepts” in public schools and colleges. Pushed by conservative lawmakers, the laws largely seek to prevent the teaching of critical race theory (CRT), claiming that it teaches children to think white people are inherently racist.