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Academic group to phase out job interviews at meetings

American Historical Association to stop sponsoring practice out of concern for fairness to job candidates, growing irrelevance

Sept. 27, 2019
By Walt Williams

AHA Executive Director James Grossman
AHA Executive Director James Grossman

The American Historical Association is ending what has long been a prominent feature at academic conferences: job interviews.

AHA recently announced that it will no longer sponsor first-round job interviews at its annual meeting. The decision comes as academic associations of all types reconsider the practice, both for practical reasons and out of concern that interviews force cash-strapped candidates to spend money on travel and access to events.

AHA unveiled the new policy in June but media coverage of the decision came not long after the American Economic Association announced it would discourage holding job interviews in hotel rooms during its annual meeting, primarily out of concern that such settings make candidates uncomfortable and could lead to sexual harassment.