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ASAE tweaks annual expo to expand networking, learning

Attendees shouldn’t expect big changes at Columbus meeting, with group believing it shouldn’t tamper with what’s working


July 26, 2019
By Walt Williams

The guiding principle for the upcoming ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition is if it works, keep it.

Attendees at this year’s event—which will be held from Aug. 10-13 in Columbus, Ohio—shouldn’t expect any major changes from previous gatherings, according to ASAE Chief Learning Officer Rhonda Payne. Still, that is not to say everything will be the same, as the event’s organizers plan to increase opportunities for networking and kick off what will be a year-long celebration of ASAE’s 100th anniversary.

“There are some things that have been going on so many years and are so popular that we’re not going to break what isn’t broken,” Payne said.