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Ask the Recruiter: Even with inside track, don’t go around search consultant

If you know someone inside hiring organization, avoid perception of circumventing search process; tell recruiter of your connections

Friel and MartinFriel (left) and Martin

July 13, 2018

Question: I have strong connections to an organization that I’ve heard is hiring. How do I effectively use my network and not seem like I am “going around” the recruiter?

Pat Friel
Managing Partner
Lochlin Partners

By not “going around” but instead working with the recruiter.

Before a search is public the recruiter and the hiring organization have invested a great deal of time in defining the role and the ideal qualifications to fill the position. If the recruiter determines you to be a good potential candidate, you should alert them to any connections that you have in the hiring organization. The recruiter can then help the client establish that internal feedback loop to support your candidacy.