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Association Leader: Joseph shepherds broad membership

CEO of Software & Information Industry Association has sharpened group’s focus



June 25, 2021

The challenge for Jeff Joseph, a self-professed “tech junkie” and veteran technology association executive, is answering the question, “What is SIIA?”

A major part of his job as CEO of the Software & Information Industry Association is communicating what SIIA is and the value it offers to its astonishingly diverse membership and to potential members. That can be a tall task.

SIIA’s activities encompass association media and publishing, public policy and advocacy, education, health, financial information and protection from software pirates. Members include B2B publishers, asset managers such as Fidelity Investments, global stock exchanges and internet giants such as Facebook and Google.

Joseph said he thinks every day about the association’s value and how to define that value in a meaningful way.