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Automation association unites groups under core brand


April 2, 2021
By Walt Williams

The four associations that make up the Association for Advancing Automation plan to unite under A3’s single brand—a move acknowledging how much the robotics and automation industry has evolved in the nearly 50 years since the first of these four groups was founded.

The Robotic Industries Association, AIA (Advanced Vision + Imaging), Motion Control & Motor Association and A3 Mexico will converge into A3 on April 14. The associations currently have separate boards with separate memberships, but A3 staffs all four organizations and files a single federal tax return for all of the groups. Revenue in 2018 was $4.6 million.

The upcoming convergence has been years in the making, according to A3 President Jeff Burnstein. The change came in part because separate associations no longer made sense in an increasingly overlapping industry.