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Awash in cash, private investors seek profits with nonprofit groups

New $35 million investment company seeks minority stakes in association events, programs


Sept. 10, 2021
By William Ehart

You might think that nonprofit associations and private equity—which has a reputation for putting profits above all—don’t belong in the same room.

But they’ve already started shaking hands and doing deals. Well-heeled investors are flush with cash and looking for ways to put it to work while many associations could use the capital. In the latest development, a new investment company co-founded by a senior association executive has been created.

“This is a really compelling opportunity for associations and we’re going to see more of this, particularly for organizations that have valuable intellectual property,” said Jay Younger, CEO of association strategic consulting firm McKinley Advisors.

Association Investment Partners is looking for such opportunities, as well as the chance to invest in trade shows at a time when show profits are depressed.