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Bakers CEO serves up advocacy

CEO Robb MacKie tours the Turano Baking Company in Chicago in 2019. Left to right: MacKie, ABA staffers Jennifer Colfelt and Samantha Moore.

Jan. 22, 2021
By Kathryn Walson

Robb MacKie, CEO of the American Bakers Association, says a common misperception about his industry is that bakers are “at the kitchen counter making cupcakes and brownies and cookies.”

Far from it: “If you walk into a modern bakery, it’s like walking into any high-tech company. There’s robotics. There’s all kinds of automated mixing and measuring,” MacKie said. “A lot of it is done with automation. And some of these plants are huge. I mean, they will be a half-mile long.

“And then the great part is it smells awesome.”

Many people are unaware that food and beverage manufacturing is the largest manufacturing sector—and that bakers are the largest segment within food and beverage manufacturing, he said.