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CEO Chavez pushes investing, not retrenching, at education group

Longtime advocate for vulnerable populations aims to be a change agent at National School Boards Association and in public education


Jan. 22, 2021
By Kathryn Walson

Anna Maria Chávez said she stands “on big shoulders.”

When she started as the CEO of National School Boards Association June 1, she took over for Tom Gentzel, who retired in May after leading the group for more than seven years. Gentzel and Anne Bryant, who preceded him as CEO for 16 years, have been “very supportive,” Chávez said.

“I still speak to them to get their sage advice, because if anybody knows a leadership role, it’s all about ensuring that you’re building upon the successes of the teams and the leaders that come before you.”

Chávez did the entire interview process virtually and has only met a handful of NSBA’s 59-person staff in person.