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CEO Update LIVE: Ease staff anxiety with transparency

Frequent updates, surveys show leaders have employees’ best interests at heart as they ready for office return, CEOs said in webcast


May 22, 2020
By Kathryn Walson

Physical preparations, such as thorough cleanings and more widely spaced seating, are essential for a safe return to the workplace, but those actions are not enough. Association CEOs need to communicate plans to employees to assure them that they are putting their safety first, panelists said during the May 13 webcast CEO Update LIVE: The Return to the Office.

“Leaders have to understand that bringing staff back is a psychological event, and … they have to manage it like that,” said Arthur Evans, CEO of the American Psychological Association. “People have to have a psychological sense of safety. If they don’t feel safe coming back, it’s going to create all kinds of challenges, not just to productivity, but potentially harm to the individual to the degree that they might experience a lot of distress and stress related to returning to the work environment.”