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CEO Update Live: Strong pay growth expected to continue

Solid economy, higher expectations, tight market for executive talent among factors behind growth in CEO compensation, panel says

Panel Ha Herold Quatt
From left, executive recruiter Julian Ha, employment contract attorney Art Herold and compensation consultant Charlie Quatt.

Nov. 2, 2017
By William Ehart and Lori Sharn

A variety of factors, including increases in incentive pay, are driving strong pay growth for association executives, and experts told attendees at the Nov. 2 CEO Update Executive Compensation Forum that trend will continue.

“The expectations for executives have gone up and these executives are expected to perform,” said prominent compensation consultant Charlie Quatt, of Quatt Associates. “They are people who are willing to perform but they expect to be paid to do so.

“I don’t necessarily see it diminishing, at least in the near future,” Quatt said.