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Free Fitbits? How some groups incentivize healthy choices

Many organizations offer wellness programs for employees, but some associations take extra steps to promote staff wellness


Nov. 9, 2018
By Walt Williams

Join the American Health Care Association, get a Fitbit.

That has been the policy of the adult-care industry association for at least five years, according to Rae Anne Davis, chief strategic officer and senior vice president at AHCA. Employees are given up to $150 to purchase a Fitbit wristband or watch to monitor their health. In addition, any staff member who walks 250,000 steps a month is given a $50 gift card to spend where he or she chooses.

“We give you a gift card for every month that you meet the goal,” Davis said. “And if you don’t meet it for two months in a row, then you have to purchase the Fitbit from us.”