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Group to evaluate police conduct in meetings site selection

American Physical Society will ask potential host cities to provide data on police shootings and policies regulating use of force

Nov. 20, 2020
By Walt Williams

The American Physical Society will consider police conduct when determining future locations for its meetings, with host cities required to provide data on officer-involved shootings and have measures in place for regulating use of force by law enforcement.

The new meetings criteria are in response to recent Black Lives Matter protests and pressure from society members to use the economic impact of its events to bring about police reform. Still, cities that fail to meet some or all the criteria won’t be ruled out, with police conduct only one of several factors the organization uses to determine host sites for future events.

“It is more of a guideline to look at and see how far they are and whether or not they are moving in the right direction on this,” APS Director of Meetings Hunter Clemens told CEO Update.