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Groups blast Georgia voting law but keep Atlanta events

Associations with upcoming in-person events in the state are not following Major League Baseball in pulling out in protest

April 16, 2021
By Walt Williams

Several associations have condemned Georgia officials for a new law critics say will restrict voting access for African Americans, but no groups have followed the example of Major League Baseball and pulled upcoming events from the state in protest.

At least 11 associations have events scheduled in Atlanta this year, although the status of all those events will depend on whether the pandemic is tamed in coming months. Some groups have events planned further out. ASAE, which intends to hold its annual meeting in the city in 2023, condemned the Georgia law and similar proposals in other states.

“Legislative reforms that disproportionately disenfranchise communities of color are damaging to the ideals we uphold,” ASAE said in a statement. “Holding free and fair elections means removing unnecessary barriers for eligible, law-abiding voters wishing to exercise their civic duty and ensuring that elected representatives derive their authority from the will of the electorate.”