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Groups rethink strategy for increasing diversity of their boards

Board members currently are overwhelmingly white and male, but that’s changing

Nussle and Tomasso
Nussle, left, and Tomasso

Nov. 22, 2019
By Walt Williams

The Credit Union National Association usually has little trouble finding candidates for open seats on its board of directors, but only recently has it began considering the types of people who want the job.

CUNA launched a board recruitment committee in October as part of a diversity push within the association. The committee brings together representatives from the association’s credit union members to find and encourage candidates to run for the board seats held by incumbents who are not seeking re-election. The goal is to attract a wider range of candidates than in years past, although CUNA CEO Jim Nussle emphasized the group is working with a broad definition of diversity.

“It could be gender, race and culture, but it’s also age,” Nussle said. “It’s also the size of the institution that people run. It’s also background, so we not only have CEOs on our board but (credit union board) directors.”