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Hart’s blog cuts through copyright hype


April 30, 2021

Terry Hart began blogging about copyright law, policy and history soon after graduating from law school in 2010. More than a decade later, he still writes weekly updates for Copyhype—and the blog still has a following.

The secret to keeping a personal blog going strong for so long? Being passionate about the topic, Hart told CEO Update.

“When you think about what copyright covers, it covers everything people enjoy. It covers movies, music, photography, books. So, I mean, who doesn’t love that stuff?” said Hart, who became general counsel of the Association of American Publishers in March.

Copyhype namedrops legal cases involving famous people and entities, including Mister Rogers suing Ice Cube and Dr. Seuss’ estate suing the “Star Trek” franchise.

Hart said he has a mailing list of several hundred people. He also tweets a link to the blog every week, but he doesn’t track metrics. One longtime reader: Maria A. Pallante, CEO of AAP. Hart said the blog helped him land his current role.