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To keep staff engaged, get them caught up in the mission

Alongside professional development, fun events and rewards, employees need to feel connected to the association’s larger goals

Bob Goldberg, CEO of the National Association of RealtorsGoldberg

May 23, 2019
By Martin Berman-Gorvine

The Optical Society is holding more than 30 meetings this year, and many of the staff are constantly traveling between these scientific gatherings in different countries. How does OSA prevent these staffers from burning out, and keep them excited about the association’s work?

“From my perspective of having worked in several associations and other, more traditional nonprofits, the enthusiasm came really around when there were new product lines, creating new things for members,” said Genaro Montanez, chief human resources and membership engagement officer. “At least here at OSA, they really love seeing new product lines launched. And we do a lot of that, so people love it.”