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McGuire to exit AHAM after 23 years of industry advocacy

Longtime leader oversaw move of the group’s offices to D.C.; racked up important policy victories for home appliance manufactures


Nov. 19, 2021
By Walt Williams

Joe McGuire’s initial charge after becoming CEO of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers in 1999 was to move the group’s offices from Chicago to Washington, D.C. It was his first time as head of an association, and the move would prove a challenge.

“Part of being a CEO is building a team, and in our case, developing a culture. When I started, none of the staff in Chicago wanted to relocate to D.C.,” McGuire told CEO Update. “I kind of built it from scratch here.”

“That was fun,” he added, laughing. “Not sure I’d want to do that again”