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McMurry-Heath to communicate science’s impact at BIO

Head of Biotechnology Innovation Organization says she is ‘not a typical lobbyist;’ seeks to make diversity and inclusion a priority


Oct. 9, 2020
By Walt Williams 

Growing up, Michelle McMurry-Heath found science “vaguely interesting” but never particularly compelling. It wasn’t until her freshman year at Harvard University, when a teaching assistant in biology class suggested she give lab work a try the following summer, that she discovered the passion that would guide her career.

“When I went home to the Oakland-Berkeley region for the summer, I got a list of biology professors from (University of California)Berkeley, where both of my parents had gone to graduate school, and called each and every one of them until one of them said ‘yes’—actually 29th on the list of 29 professors,” McMurry-Heath told CEO Update.