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Meet the new boss: Groups see positives in Biden’s team

From tech to finance to trade, industry group CEOs like familiar faces, predictability, professionalism and broad representation

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Nov. 20, 2020
By William Ehart

Is it ever truer than during a presidential transition that what’s important in Washington, D.C., is less what you know than who you know?

Despite 2020’s drumbeat of down notes, many association advocates share a positive view of President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team. That’s partly because they see professionalism and a breadth of experience and perspective. But it’s also because they know these people.

Though the Trump administration so far has refused to assist the transition, Biden is forging ahead.

Business groups and other associations were quick to congratulate Biden once the media declared him the election winner on Nov. 7. Since then, many current and former association figures have been named to various agency review teams.