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Need promotional video? Consider crowdsourcing to boost clip library

Associations are having success soliciting short videos about profession or industry; some groups run contests with prizes for winners

NBWA videoGerardo Carrillo of Silver Eagle Distributors (left) won NBWA’s 2019 “Share Your Story” video contest.

June 7, 2019
By Martin Berman-Gorvine 

In today’s social media-driven visual age, the demand for fresh video clips can be relentless. Some associations have turned to crowdsourcing to help satisfy this demand, asking their members and even the general public for videos that can be shared online and incorporated into advocacy and messaging campaigns. 

The groups get visual assets at a very low cost—prizes, if offered, typically include a free trip to attend an association event—and the members who submit these videos get more publicity than they might on their own. In short, everybody wins.