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New C-suite hires aim to accelerate growth

More groups create chief-level positions


Aug. 27, 2021
By Walt Williams

Some associations have taken a page from the corporate world and created a new C-suite position to oversee the growth of products and services as well as upping their value proposition to members.

“Chief growth officer” and “chief strategy officer” are different titles but the positions have similar, although not identical, responsibilities. 

Both focus on advancing their associations' overall strategic priorities, particularly when it comes to expanding membership and revenue opportunities.

BSA | The Software Alliance is among the associations that have created the position in recent months. CEO Victoria Espinel noted that in the for-profit sector the role usually involves breaking down silos separating a company’s sales and marketing departments. BSA’s CGO will perform a similar function, but Espinel envisions it as much more than just facilitating cross-departmental communication.