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New certificate courses provide pandemic-related training

Associations launch online programs, sometimes in a matter of weeks, to supply industry-wide education on safety, best practices


Sept. 11, 2020
By Kathryn Walson

As rental stores sought to stay open or reopen during the pandemic, they turned to their trade group for help. American Rental Association CEO Tony Conant said members were looking for an objective stamp of approval to assure customers and employees that they were following health and safety guidelines.

ARA launched the “Clean. Safe. Essential.” campaign May 15 with the release of a healthy practices guide, followed by a certificate program in June.

“We started developing this concept for a standardized certificate for training so that we could communicate to the world what you would expect going into one of our member stores,” Conant said. “And that really snowballed quickly and evolved into … our safety training certificate. But also, it is becoming our national awareness campaign.”