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Nominate top executives for the 2021 Association Leadership Awards

Association Leadership Award

CEO Update is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Association Leadership Awards. 

Past winners include Matthew Shay, Jay Timmons, Tom Kuhn, Steve Anderson, Susan Neely, Dawn Sweeney, John Graham, Arlene Pietranton, Chris McEntee, Michelle Mason, Barbara Byrd Keenan, Abe Eshkenazi, Jade West, MIke Graham, Kevin Keane, and Aric Newhouse.

Nominees will be submitted to an independent panel of industry experts who will make final selections based on clearly defined criteria (below).

Effectiveness in presenting the story of the industry or profession
• Reputation for accomplishing the mission of an association
• Proven leadership ability in and outside the association
• Social capital: volunteer contributions to association-related, charitable or civic groups

• Demonstrable legislative or regulatory progress on behalf of an association
• Strong reputation, relationships with officials and within association advocacy circles
• Significant ability to communicate association’s public policy positions internally and externally
• Candidates must work for an association at the time of the award ceremony (presented in the fall)
• Candidates must be nominated by individual(s) outside of their organization; details included in nominations from within their organization can be used as supporting material
• Nominees are not scheduled to receive a national award or recognition for their service for the same category in the same year
Submission Deadline: January 30, 2021