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Not being there: Associations, execs navigate hiring, onboarding remotely

Virtual interviewing enables more board participation, consideration of extra candidates

Interview puzzle

May 22, 2020
By William Ehart

Despite the pandemic, recruiting, hiring and onboarding executives and staff must go on, and is going on via videoconferencing. Some who have been through it say the experience seemed surprisingly normal.

“The process went more smoothly and felt more personal than I could have imagined,” said Susan Sedory, who will become executive director of the Irving, Texas-based American College of Emergency Physicians in July. (See tips on video interviewing below.)

“There’s something about a Zoom conference, where you’re looking everybody in the eye at the same time, which is something you really can’t do when you’re sitting in a conference room,” she told CEO Update.

“It makes for a very interactive se-t of questions. … I’ve actually found it to be really engaging,” Sedory said.