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Organizers of in-person events give vaccine passports a pass

Software showing proof of vaccination is available, but associations favor continued precautions to stop spread of COVID-19 instead


April 30, 2021
By Walt Williams

Associations are putting in place numerous COVID-19 safeguards as they prepare to relaunch their live events. Left off the table: Requiring attendees to show proof of vaccination.

“Vaccine passports” have become one of the latest divisive political issues. Roughly a dozen states are banning government agencies and businesses from requiring proof of vaccination, or are at least recommending against the use of such credentials, according to an analysis by the news site Beckers Health IT. At the same time, New York recently became the first state to roll out an app that can be used by businesses and other organizations to check whether customers have been vaccinated. Hawaii also is developing a vaccine passport program for travel between the islands and from outside the state.