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Preparing members for AI world requires forward thinking

Technology expert provides ‘next practices’ for how to help profession or industry adapt to changes coming from artificial intelligence

July 12, 2019
By Walt Williams

Jeff De Cagna doesn’t care for the term “best practices” when talking about how associations can remain relevant as they adjust to the changes artificial intelligence is bringing to their industries and professions. He instead prefers to speak about “next practices.”

“A deeper issue for me with so-called ‘best practices’ is that it feels like an optimization of what we already have in place … rather than asking the question, ‘Is what we’re doing what we should be doing?’” said De Cagna, executive adviser of the consulting firm Foresight First.

One question groups must ask is whether courses and programs are designed to help members thrive as AI changes the way people work and makes many jobs obsolete. De Cagna recently shared with CEO Update some “next practices” groups should consider adopting.

Any decisions about AI should be made by an interdisciplinary team within the association.