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Pursuing mentorships when many are working from home

Tools like Zoom make remote mentoring easier than ever, but it requires dedication and focus on the part of the participants

Puzzle peopleDec. 11, 2020
By Walt Williams

Mentoring has played an important role in shaping the careers of many association executives and may be more than important than ever during the pandemic. Much like everything else, mentoring has gone virtual. 

The upside: A virtual environment provides more flexibility in scheduling and could open doors for individuals who had limited options for mentoring in the past. 

The downside: Virtual mentoring can be a little lonely for the people involved. Platforms such as Zoom can be awkward conversation tools as well.

Natasha Bethea, director of marketing and membership at the Information Technology Industry Council, said that past meetings with her mentors would often happen during lunch breaks or sometimes at conferences. She still prefers face-to-face sessions but acknowledged virtual sessions are more convenient from a scheduling standpoint.