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With recovery distant, more groups are discussing mergers

Lack of clarity on when events will resume, pending exhaustion of resources likely to bring associations together on missions to survive


July 24, 2020
By William Ehart

With COVID-19 cases rising and a resumption of face-to-face meetings and many other normal economic activities looking further out, more and more associations are evaluating survival options.

Among those: combining with or being acquired by another organization.

When the Association for Corporate Travel Executives announced its liquidation on July 7, the group said it failed to find a merger partner. 

Efforts to “find a home for the ACTE community within a larger organization” were doomed by the spike in virus cases, which “have made investors and partners justifiably pessimistic around the viability of event-based organizations for some time to come,” according to the statement on ACTE’s site.