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Recruiters tell how to wow search committee

Candidates must demonstrate competence, ability to uphold values of hiring association; keen knowledge of industry challenges a plus

Jaeger, Harrington
Philip Jaeger and Shira Harrington

Oct. 11, 2019

Question: Can you give some examples of things candidates did or said that blew away the search committee?

Philip Jaeger

Isaacson, Miller

It’s rarely one thing.

Successful candidates demonstrate mastery of most aspects of a role and the capacity to adapt and grow into what will be new. The candidate, ideally, gives insights on the position, organization, and field that the committee may not see.

They make clear that they can galvanize, delegate, and inspire teams; a committee may be interviewing one person but they’re evaluating that person’s ability to multiply their impact by empowering others. It seems obvious, but successful candidates demonstrate authentic enthusiasm and interest.