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Rewarding staff when funds are tight

Some groups are looking at smaller year-end bonuses, days off and handwritten notes


Nov. 6, 2020
By Kathryn Walson

As a year like no other comes to a close, many leaders are considering how to recognize and reward staffers who kept associations going and even thriving, possibly doing more with fewer people because of layoffs or furloughs. For some groups, traditional year-end bonuses may be smaller or eliminated entirely, and in-person celebrations are certainly off the table.

At the American Society of Addiction Medicine in Rockville, Md., everyone will receive “a small bonus in their paycheck,” said COO Carolyn Lanham, adding that it may be a surprise to staff who’ve had their salaries frozen this year.

In previous years, the bonus was “more significant than what we’re going to be able to do this year” and based on someone’s level within the organization, Lanham said.