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Richardson raises status of members


Nov. 20, 2020

Veta T. Richardson made workplace diversity a priority at the Association of Corporate Counsel, looking at race and gender but also at the international perspectives of her staff.

And that has helped drive the global growth of the association for in-house corporate lawyers. Since Richardson became CEO in 2011, ACC has grown from an organization with just a few chapters (in the United States, Europe and Israel) to one with 60, including in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

Now, her new imperative is to help elevate the profession. Her Seat at the Table initiative aims to promote the idea of the chief legal officer as an integral member of the executive staff, involved in setting strategy and interacting with corporate board members.

Being included in the C-suite is “central to the ability of the general counsel and the law department to do the work that they need to do,” said Richardson, who was senior counsel at Sunoco earlier in her career. She then led the Minority Corporate Counsel Association for more than 10 years before joining ACC as CEO.