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Success of remote work prompts some groups to weigh policy changes

Survey finds most nonprofits plan to adopt flexible in-office schedules post pandemic

March 19, 2021
By Kathryn Walson

Just over a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered an overnight move to remote work. No one could predict how long the situation would last. However, association leaders quickly found that some of the new ways of doing business worked well and would likely outlast the pandemic.

But how much has the pandemic changed workplace policies? Over the past year, consulting firm PRM Consulting Group kept getting questions from clients about how other organizations were handling salaries of staff living in less expensive parts of the country, Lyn McCloskey, principal at PRM, told CEO Update. PRM decided to put the clients’ questions back to them in a survey.

“These ... issues have been on the back burner ever since the pandemic hit. And now that we’ve been in it for a year, I think a lot of organizations are thinking about whether they should make any permanent changes, or not, to their policies,” McCloskey said.

Many are taking a “wait-and-see” approach, McCloskey said.