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Survey: Boosting nondues revenue and DEI are top aims

Few association executives and staff cite new product research and development as a top-three priority for their organizations

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April 16, 2021
By Kathryn Walson

Associations may have weathered the worst of the storm, but there are still clouds on the horizon.

A survey of association leaders and staff by consulting firm McKinley Advisors shows a decidedly less-rosy outlook than a year earlier, before the pandemic shuttered offices and trade shows and devastated large swaths of the economy. The percentage of respondents that reported being “concerned” about the outlook for both their association and their industry nearly doubled, to 29%. The percentage of respondents who reported being optimistic about the outlook for their association plunged, from 79% to 51%. Optimism for their industry dropped as well.

McKinley Advisors conducted the Association Viewpoint survey during the first two weeks of February. The firm received 120 responses.