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Survey sees substantial change in work-from-home policies

CEO responses reveal scope of move to virtual and hybrid workplaces: Many groups will never return to pre-pandemic status quo


April 30, 2021
By William Ehart and Mark R. Graham

A new survey by CEO Update shows a dramatic shift toward allowing more employees to work from home more frequently even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. And 34% of responding association executives said they will operate from partly or fully virtual work environments going forward.

One CEO embracing the full virtual experience is Julia Hamm, CEO of the Smart Electric Power Alliance.

“From a business-needs standpoint, certainly part of it is an interest in reducing office space expenses,” Hamm told CEO Update. “That will increase funding availability for work that directly impacts our mission.”

The majority of association executives responding to this survey reported having few or no staff working from home full time before the pandemic, and some had no staffers working from home even one day per week.